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What I've done

Customer Care Solutions
2015 - 2017

Head Digital Designer/Developer

Customer Care Solutions represents 180+ Motor Retail Companies nationwide. Customer Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing solutions provider operating successfully since our launch in January 2000.

During my 2 years I quickly absorbed all direct marketing responsibilities from campaign setup to execution. During the last year of my employment I managed a small team of designers and improved on overall processes and engagement.

For the first year I was responsible for producing and maintaining ALL Email Marketing Campaign materials including but not exclusive to DESIGN & Responsive template setups.
My second year the team grew where I stepped into the role of Head Designer/Developer for the Marketing Department.

What do you do with 180+ brands? You improve deliverables. Apart from the responsibility to create quality industry standard assets, I implemented my own API briefing platform (EASYTEMPLATE) where stakeholders could choose from different templates and input content.

GOOGLE Adwords (PPC). I took charge of 4/12 dealership that required our skills in online marketing exposure.
Some of these clients included:
HALFWAY TOYOTA and BARLOWORLD. Included here I also used Google Analytics for comparative and insight reporting purposes.

Databases. Some of my time was spent working on maintaining current databases and setting up new queries. Microsoft Access (SQL) was used for setups and deployment.

SMS marketing was part of our department and quality assurance was part of my daily responsibilities.

Choice Marketing
2012 - 2014

Head Designer

Choice Marketing have been involved in direct marketing since 1998. Our mission statement is to meet the marketing and advertising needs of our cliens and deliver our product timeously and professionally. Our 12 year experience in the direct marketing field has taught us how to engage with the consumer.

Here I held the position of Head Designer with the responsibility of publishing and creation of online magazine editions.
Valuable lessons that I've learned here was the ability to produce and manage distribution, handling client expectations on a very tight deadline and the importance of dedication while working as a team.

ActionScript 2/3. Back when flash was still used for animation ;) The business produced material in the form of online magazines which included ads from different clients offering services. To optimize interaction on the platform we used ActionScript to create animations and improve interaction.

A part of the assets produced included print media in the form of printed editions/magazines. InDesign was one of the programs used to create layout options relative to the product of the client. Working on project that included print gave me the opportunity to get real experience in print design.

One of the most important aspects of Design. Advanced photoshop skills were necessary to create our mockups and prototype designs for execution. Modular design methods were expected for cross usability features on our magazines. We had to produce and execute 15+ editions on a monthly basis. Long hours...team work.

HTML5 canvas. Before using HTML5 we were using a FLASH platform to create our editions in. As we all know this was slow and had problems with indexing a crawling. We quickly adapted to the faster more efficient HTML5 canvas properties that allowed us to recreate and streamline our editions.

What I'm doing now

2017 - Current

Whilst all other agencies sit apart from clients, we build dedicated agencies inside our clients’ worlds. We do this because we can be more effective inside. It allows us to operate at the speed of your business. Giving you better work, faster, to help you drive your business forward.

- Web Developer -

Management of Global EDM Development which includes modular development standards, data management and distribution to Investec's stakeholders and clients. As part of our role here we have an obligation to improve on all their material and implement innovative technologies accross the board.

This is the CRM we use to import our templates, manage our settings for distribution, check for quality of data, and viewing our user interaction for reporting purposes. All our information on campaign statuses we receive from Pardot. This CRM allows us to make data-centric decisions on testing and updates.

Amaxus CMS platform.
The in-house CMS used to develop our viewpoints, campaign pages and microsites. Usability here allows us to set up frame works and edit our custom scripts, CSS and HTML. Recent improvements were made on graph display and responsive behaviour. To see an example click here.

Another CRM management system directed at stakeholder global events. Here we created our setups, managed our data and implemented paths for registration redirecting to custom sign-up sites. Content was dynamic relating to user location and identity score on the system.

What do I want to do?

Focus: Upskilling dev, Data analytics, advanced reporting.

The next stage is improving and honing in on specific strong suits. My role has included extensive comparative reporting relying on accurate actionable insights derived from data retrieved. I'm experiencing how effective data-based decision making can improve on CTR, CTOR and impressions.

The ability and opportunity to grow with a team/organization by allowing and focussing on upskiling and general exposure is essentially what I'm interested in finding.

Further Education

UCT Data Analysis

My current position has exposed me to the ever increasing importance of analytics and how that translates into business decisions and marketing goals. Providing actionable insights based on extensive comparative reporting is as important as my role as developer.

My course is starting on 10 September 2018 and is a 2 month course. My reason for choosing this course was inspired by the increasing demand for analysts and the necessity of data-centric decision making.

Dipl. Interactive Graphics


At Concept Interactive I completed 2 years of the three year diploma. During my studies I covered all design program including AfterEffects and Blender. My second year comprised of coding subject like: HTML, CSS, Javascript and web design methodologies.

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